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What is P Tea K Podcast?

The purpose of the podcast is to raise awareness on campus via digital platform. This is vital to the growth of our members, those who are considering, and those who haven't heard of Phi Theta Kappa. Giving students a voice they can relate to, helping facilitate the distribution of information that is relevant to the PTK community and those who are working to join the organization. Also, reaching the audience with guest speakers, personal wellness, and resources for anyone facing or know those facing insecurities. In addition to keep our Southwestern College community informed and connected.

Past Episodes

Episode 4: Why PTK? Honors in Action


Our host Christian Sanchez sits down with VP of Honors in Action "HIA", Jennyfer Laurent, to discuss the processes and strategies that she took to complete her HIA project. She also discusses her research results and how her and her team analyzed and produced recommendations for their college campus. 

Nuestro presentador Christian Sanchez se sienta con la Vice Presidenta de Honores en Acción "HIA", Jennyfer Laurent para discutir los procesos y estrategias que tomó para completar su proyecto HIA. También analiza los resultados de sus investigaciones y como con su equipo analizaron y produjeron recomendaciones para su campus universitario. 


Episode 3: Why PTK? College Project


Our hosts Larissa and Ashlie sit down with regional president and VP of college project Dimitrius Loa, SWC restorative justice project specialist Raquel Funches and PTK rising scholars Mike Luna and Shawn Khalifa to talk about the mentorship program that Loa has created in conjunction with SWC's restorative justice program. They discuss how the program came together and the process that they went through to make it successfully for mentors and mentees alike. They also talk with Mike and Shawn on how the program affected them on academic and personal levels. 

Nuestros presentadores Ricardo y Luis se sientan a conversar con dos miembros del projecto universitario "PTK Rising Scholars" sobre la colaboración de justicia restaurativa con Alpha Pi Epsilon. Hablan de las luchas de la transición de la vida en prisión a la vida en la interperie. Andy López y Ruben Radillo también hablan sobre sus experiencas con el program de justicia restaurativa en Southwestern College, la ayuda que reciben de sus asesores y mentores, y sus metas académicas.


Episode 2: Why PTK? ft. Jenai Funk


For our second episode we are honored to have as guest speaker the amazing Jenai Funk. She shared with us her journey as former VP of College project and how being an active member in PTK has opened many doors in her professional, academic, and personal life.

Para nuestro segundo episodio, nos sentimos honrados de tener como invitada a la increíble Jenai Funk. Compartió con nosotros su trayectoria como ex vicepresidente del proyecto College y cómo ser miembro activo de PTK le ha abierto muchas puertas en su vida profesional, académica y personal.


Episode 1: Why PTK?


This is Alpha Pi Epsilon's first podcast and our hosts Larissa and Ashlie will give you their experience on why they chose to join Phi Theta Kappa.

Este es el primer podcast de Alpha Pi Epsilon y nuestros anfitriones Bailey y Luis le darán su experiencia sobre por qué eligieron unirse a Phi Theta Kappa.


Student Resources Series: Episode 001


Hosts Larissa and Ashlie will be interviewing the Director of High Education Center, San Ysidrio, Patie Bartow! Patie will be spilling the tea on a lot of the resources that Southwestern College has offeres and is offering to our students who are facing many insecuritites. They also open up about their own experiences with accepting help and breaking the barriers that most students face when it comes to asking for resources.
This is an episode you do not want to miss!

Nuestros anfitriones Viry y Bailey tienen una conversación con Cesar Vizcaino, un estudiante, sobre su experience con el uso de los recursoso ofrecidos en Southwestern College. Da la perspectiva de un estudante en cuanto cómo pudo obtener recursos escolares, quién lo ayudó, y cómo lo ayudaron.

**Responsaiblidad de todas las opiniones que los huéspedes establecen no reflejan las de Alpha Pi Epsilon, Phi Theta Kappa o Southwestern College**

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