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We help students receive scholarships, graduate, transfer, and become leaders

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Alpha Pi Epsilon | What We've Achieved



Beta Alpha continued Excellence award
Distinguished college project award
Chapter website award
Distinguished chapter award

Distinguished Honors in Action theme - 1st place


Regional Awards

College Project - 1st Place Overall
HIA Theme - 2nd Place
Distinguished Officer Team - 3rd Place
Chapter Website - 2nd Place
Distinguished Advisor Award
Most Distinguished Officer : Alissa Campbell - 2nd Place
Most Distinguished Member : Larissa C. Bogarin-Andrade - 3rd Place
Most Distinguished Chapter - 3rd Place

International Awards

Top 100 Distinguished Chapters
Top 37 Most Distinguished Chapters
Distinguished Member & Officer

Distinguished Chapter Award

Distinguished College Project

About: What We Do
FA19 PTK Induction


Regional Awards

Participation Award – 1st place

Travel Award – 1st Place

Chapter Website Award – 2nd Place

Alpha Sigma Alpha Award – Maria Isabel Medina de Sklavenitis

Distinguished Chapter Member  - 2nd Place, Alexandria Baker

Distinguished College Project – 3rd Place

Distinguished Theme Awards – 1st Place, Theme #3 Politics of Identity

Honors in Action Project – 3rd Place

Most Distinguished Chapter – 2nd Place

Regional Award for Excellence - Leadership

Regional Award for Excellence - Scholarship

International Awards

Honors Case Study Challenge – Honorable Mention
Distinguished College Project
Distinguished Theme Award
Distinguished Honors in Action Award
Distinguished Chapter

Past Awards

March 2017 Five Star Chapter Plan Level
March 2017 Founders Day Regional Project
April 2016 Four Star Chapter Plan Level
April 2016 Founders Day Regional Project
2016 Distinguished Honors In Action Project Award -2nd
2016 Distinguished College Project Award - 2nd
2016 Distinguished Chapter Award - 2nd
2015 Participation Award - 2nd
2015 Yearbook Award - 3rd Place


2016 Honors In Action Theme 4
2016 Distinguished Officer Team
2015 Travel Award
2014 Honors In Action Theme 4
2014 Participation Award
2013 Travel Award
2013 Participation Award

Hallmark Awards

2017 Distinguished College Project
2017 Distinguished Honors in Action
2017 Distinguished Theme Award Honors in Action
2017 Distinguished Chapter

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