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Your Officer Team: Meet the Team


Breaking Barriers, Building Leaders


Marivel Alfaro


BAND_Chapter Officers 2023-2024_2023-06-

Melanye Correa

Vice President of Honors in Action


Eduardo Plascencia Sanchez

Vice President of College Project

I am Eduardo Plascencia Sanchez and I am the Vice President of College Project for the Alpha Pi Epsilon Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity given to me by being a member of this honors society and I am thus dedicated to executing my role as VP to the best of my ability. I am someone who likes to learn about any topic and strive to become a polymath in the future. During my free time, I usually watch educational content, like history videos, and finance videos, read philosophy, read fiction/fantasy, dance, do weightlifting and play video games. I aspire to be accepted into the Wharton School of Business and plan to enter corporate finance to chase my polymathic goals. I am sure my experience in this role will greatly increase my chances of success.


Jorge Rodriguez

Vice President of Technology


Elennyel Correa

Vice President of Communication

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